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SEO company build from true professionals

People are searching for... the stuff you sell! Can they find you? Search engines are great source of traffic, leads and customers. If people can find you! 94% of people only click links on the first page of the search results. If you aint on the front page... no one will find you.We've got something to fit your business and budget. What are you waiting for? Contact us Today!


We definitely look for a good technical background in understanding of Search Engine Rankings factors.
Where search marketing will go and what you think will be the next phase. Search marketing is constantly growing.
We are looking for someone who is forward thinking, deeply analytical & having characteristics for creativity.


  • They want to make us healthy & happy. Ultimate goals to engage us in our work. Because when people are happy they are more engaged in their work and more productive. Eat all day. Employees can get their morning coffee, lunch and even dinner all on the house. You are never more than 150 ft away from food.

    – John Holland , Creative Director
  • Great bosses. A little girl wrote to dad's boss asking for a day off to celebrate his birthday. The boss wrote back that her dad could take a whole week off. Conferences bikes are available for team bonding. Activities like rock climbing and lap pools. Don't want to leave your best friend at home? Bring your dog to work! New moms and new dads get paid leave to spend time with their newborn baby. Take a break and get a massage or award your colleagues massage credits as a gift. The IT personnel are available to help you with your computer issues 24/7.

    – Amanda Brave , SEO Manager
  • Hi my name is Brad Bukovsky. I work in the strategic partnerships development at Ganpatizone. The atmosphere around Ganpatizone, it's definitely very eccentric, but also very academic. At Ganpatizone, we actually do have the ability to make more of an impact on people and more of a change in one year than many people do in their lifetimes. It's an environment in which very few limitations are placed on where your mind can be during the day. They are a tech company that's been so much more than that. Here we throw up the arms in celebration each day.

    – Brad Bukovsky , Operational Officer

Current openings

Social Media Manager

Job Description | Contract Position: USA
  • Setting up of the company's presence on as many major social media sites as possible.
  • Getting new customers or business.
  • Advertising the latest promotions, products and offers of the company.
  • Use Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to attract a considerable amount of people.
  • Increase the popularity of the product across a wider audience.
  • Set up a Facebook fan page along with information write up.
  • Set up of Twitter account along with profile, info and custom graphics.
  • Set up of profile in other major social media sites like Linkedin, Google + and more.

Please, do not call.
Send your CV to support@ganpatizone.biz

Senior SEO Analyst

Job Description | Contract Position: United States of America
  • Research to identify relevant keywords.
  • Drafts optimized content.
  • Study algorithms and recommend best practices for improving search engine rankings.
  • Manage search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Manage and refine SEO strategies.
  • Effective data analysis and application of critical thinking.
  • Understanding of e-commerce systems.
  • Expertise in both online and offline SEO techniques.

Please, do not call.

Send your CV to support@ganpatizone.biz

Senior Product Designer

Job Description | Permanent Role: Los Angeles
  • Bachelors or Master's Degree in Graphic Design, Interaction Design, or a related field.
  • 3-5 years UI experience for interactive media, mobile and web.
  • Proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch and favorite prototyping tool (I.E. Invision, Marvel and Atomic)
  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript; IOS, Android.
  • Any media industry experience is a plus.
  • Strong portfolio showing experience with Web/Mobile product design that have been shipped to users.
  • 2-5 Years of hands on digital product design experience.
  • Passionate about all aspects of user experience, efficient tools and good taste for clean and functional interfaces.

Please, do not call.

Send your CV to support@ganpatizone.biz

Business Development Executive

Job Description | Contract Position: US
  • Bachelor of Science in Management or Engineering with around 7 years experience.
  • Knowledge of identification and development of new businesses, including building business cases and future business scenarios.
  • In-depth understanding of Chinese Industry, business environment and Chinese International company.
  • Sell services to clients in the Oil and Gas sector.
  • Develop business with Chinese companies.
  • Keep up-to-date on industry trends and client developments.
  • Establish a framework for assessing opportunity.
  • Post-deal management.

Please, do not call.

Send your CV to support@ganpatizone.biz

PR & Marketing Specialist

Job Description | Permanent Role: Beverly Hills, California
  • Being social.
  • Being an innovative thinker.
  • Loving and having a very vibrant social life.
  • You need to be organized, but outgoing.
  • Who is innovative, outgoing and loves pop culture.
  • What's going on right now in the news.
  • Outgoing, you're popular, you're social.
  • You have a head for business and you have your finger on the pulse of everything hot, hip and news-worthy.

Please, do not call.

Send your CV to support@ganpatizone.biz

Junior Product Designer

Job Description | Contract Position: USA
  • Create, develop & invent ideas.
  • Issues of materials, cost, safety and much more.
  • Processes, undertaking research.
  • Selecting materials, researching production techniques.
  • Manufacturing details and much more.
  • Economic constraints.
  • Marketing opportunities.
  • Distribution sales and other methods which sells effectively!

Please, do not call.

Send your CV to support@ganpatizone.biz