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Hire SEO Freelancer or SEO Company Experts

Hire SEO Freelancer

Hire SEO Freelancer or Hiring SEO Company – The choice is yours. Read below & make your own decision.


Hire SEO Freelancer
Hire SEO Freelancer in India & USA

Disadvantages when you Hire SEO Freelancer

  1. Limited knowledge only of one niche.
  2. No team to work with. He has only to manage himself.
  3. If he falls ill you will have no option.
  4. They only deliver what they can & not what they should.
  5. SEO Freelancer prices are cheaper than SEO Companies. Sometimes client spends double amount when they gets low quality work.
  6. You can’t call him any time of day or night and ask about the progress of your project.
  7. Daily reports are obligatory in respectable SEO agencies but its not the case with freelancers.
  8. Freelancers have a limited knowledge as compared to agency. They can only handle limited projects with limited time as its a one man show.
  9. SEO Managers who do not perform well at SEO Companies end up becoming SEO Freelancers. Due to limited knowledge & mood swings can impact on your future business growth.
  10. Agency Managers have the knowledge and experience of small mid size one page website to big e-commerce stores. Whereas freelancers have a limited projects & knowledge.


Advantages when you Hire a SEO Company

  1. You get a dedicated professional manager with a team of minimum 3 to maximum 6 SEO Professionals working on your business project.
  2. SEO team discusses your projects with each other and exchange ideas for the growth & enhance the potential of your business online.
  3. The SEO Agency delivers what you require & not what you desire & make things transparent.
  4. No problem with the taxes, contracts & insurance.
  5. SEO Managers follow a time deadline to deliver your projects on time always without any excuses as the team has always plan a, plan b or plan c to work for you if any planning fails. Whereas in case if you hired SEO Freelance who works in individual capacity can follow only one plan which impact your business success.
  6. Professional Managers takes care to know your business plan of action & then devise various plans to achieve your company goals with various team managers.
  7. In agency SEO & PPC Management is done by certified SEO Professionals & not a certified individual.
  8. Agencies develop there own inhouse softwares to do a particular assignments whereas individual freelancer depends on free SEO softwares.
  9. You have the option to visit agency office & discuss your details.
  10. Fast internet connections, big team size is a sure shot way to increase your business profits in a limited time.

Above points will make it easy for you to take a decision regarding to go with a SEO Freelancer or SEO Company. The choice is yours as we never follow the same set of principles always. Our choices keeps on changing according to our online business requirements.