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Twitter Account Verification Rejected

Twitter Account Verification

Now ever since Twitter implemented verified profile years ago. There has been astonish speculation what it takes for Twitter Account Verification. Verified on Twitter blue check mark.

Twitter Account Verification
Twitter Account Verification

Specially considering their time, where its extremely arbitrary people who barely have any followers and no one knows who they really are still verified.

Well other people are very famous. But still they are not verified and it has always been a case that no one really knows the process for verification on Twitter.

Its always in the hands of Twitter themselves they just seemingly randomly pick people for verification. No way requesting it or apply for it at all.

Twitter Verification Rejected

But that has actually changed. Recently twitter announced they create an online form that allows verification request for yourself or on the behalf of the company or brand.

Not automated its not guaranteed at all. And also no where it says that it will be easier for verification. Infact, the criteria for being verified are exactly the same. Way they put it its someone of public interest and they give examples such as actors on tv, film, government, news that sort of thing.

Certain Twitter profiles of people who are pretty hi-profile. Would expect them verified but they are not with the current system or the previous system of Twitter. They go out and verify people, surely some are & fall in through the cracks if they are only well know possibly in certain circles but still important none the less.

Twitter Account Verification Rejected Contact Twitter Consultants Today!

News on various websites “Now everyone can be verified by Twitter”. First of all, that’s not true at all. They did not said that at all. Second, it will be stupid if that was the case if everyone can be verified. Will completely undermine the point of it. Would you really care about verified badge if all are verified easily. It will not matter if all got verified.

As a result of this they will be verifying more people but still not can be just anyone. They will not verify anyone that they would have before. Its just a matter of them that they do not miss anyone they should genuinely be verified.

For example, just because you started making videos on YouTube will not entitle you for verified badge. However in some ways pretty surprised if they do this at all. If you think about that everyone thinks they are entitled for verification badge. No matter how insignificant their profiles are.

If you have any questions regarding Twitter Account Verification. Our Twitter Consultants will be happy assisting you in getting verified if your profile is as per Twitter guidelines.