Advertising, marketing & promotion of jewellery store

Advertising, marketing & promotion of jewellery store

Advertising, marketing & promotion of jewellery store

2 days ago

Every business should change according to the times. If your jewellery store/ showroom was started by your grandparents/ parents and the showroom and technology you are using is the same then you must change and renovate as if you are not going to change with the times, new technology definitely will lag you behind your competitors and eventually your business will stagnate and shutdown eventually.

While displaying your products in your showroom you should take extra care of your older consumers because if your counters are low then this can be very inconvenient for them so you should be taking care of the new generation and the older one so it becomes convenient for them to browse your products in the showroom.

Showroom security gaurds should be well dressed and must have necessary social skills, like smiling and welcoming the guests. You must have the active employees. Who should not only sell what the customer require but they should be proactive and try to sell addon products to the various consumers. Hence increasing the companies profitability.

Focus on customer. You should always make your customer feel special. Why your customer has come to your store today? Your customer must have ignored various of your competitors, while coming to you. They must have also ignored various online jewellery websites, where they could very easily purchase jewellery online at the convenience of their homes. But they come to your jewellery store/ showroom, so it is your duty to make them feel special and always remember that your customer already has taken some pains to park his vehicle because of the traffic jams outside your showroom so it's your duty to take care of this client make him feel special and once you make feel special you are investing for the growth of your company.

Your aim is more sales of your jewellery showroom but the customer wants to be guided properly and not forced to purchase. Each customer is different, you will have to spend time with them discussing about the products or what they are searching/ looking for, then let them decide. This will help to close the sales in easy way. Every customer require sometime & you cannot force sales on the customers because your product is a luxury product.

You should always have new product designs in your showroom. Customer is attracted toward new designs. New things sell very fast. This helps in repeated local sales and customer looks forward to visit your showroom again for new variety of jewellery and designs.

Finally following points are important.

At your Jewellery Showroom make it convinent for all generations to browse your products easily.

Focus on client. Do not focus on your diamonds or products because customers is very intelligent today. Make customer feel special. New technology is must in modern modern times but you cannot ignore humanity. If you follow the above points your business conversation will convert to sales automatically.

Humanity - you cannot ignore. You must have noticed banks, hotels which take care of its customers by providing the basics things comfortable wating rooms and make them feel special. So its all about how much and how you can take care of the valuable customer at your doorstep. If you give importance to the customer they will feel special and will come to your showroom very often for more purchases.

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