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2 days ago

Local SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has been there since many years and will remain. There are many people who really do not understand SEO and think very negative about this technique. The matter of fact is that it is still and will remain very important in coming years. Following are the various myths and reality regarding SEO.

Many people think that images and videos do not have any connections with the SEO. In fact images and videos are very important part of SEO. we just need to optimise images, the alt tag, save the images with the products or services name then the Google algorithm catches them and display your products or services images on the top of the Google search results. Same is with the videos. If we optimise videos in a correct way reduced file size and upload it with a sitemap so that it gets included in the Google results and the top of the Google rankings.

SEO is not one time job. In fact this requires the regular effort because once your website is up on Top of the Google rankings of any search engine you have to be continuous. SEO implementation of the various techniques and the latest techniques has to be continuous so that you should be able to maintain your rankings.

Just think for one second, like if you stop SEO process then there are millions and billions of sites, like yours competitors if you are going to stop they are not going to stop their working continuously to get the top rankings. If you stop they will just push your website back and they will be on the top of the first page so it requires a continuous efforts and implementation of the latest techniques to fight the Google and various our search engine algorithms.

So do you think that the tricking Google is easy. Google has the best brains from around the world who work continuously. You need to refine the search engine rankings even if your website is on the top of the first page today but tomorrow it will not be there, reason because it requires a continuous efforts which we have talked above but can a single person do all these things you require for your online presence. You require the services of our SEO consultant from our SEO company to help you in this to retain your position & refine your rankings in the search engines.

The keyword stuffing is the thing of the past. Previously people use to stuff the content with the keywords again and again for top rankings in the Google search results but this is the thing of the past now. Currently it requires the keyword should come in the content naturally and it has to be minimum of 1 to 2% of Keyword in the content and the contents should not sound promotional.

Spamming and poor backlinks are not going to work. Do not go for a huge number of backlinks. Quality of that particular backlinks is important. Even if a backlink is coming from one site, it should be quality site. What matters is a quality backlink coming from quality site. So if you follow the above plan then your company will be very prominent in the search results in International or Local SEO. So now the verdict is that if you want top results you have to follow all mentioned above.

Our Certified Local SEO Professionals at Ganpati Zone SEO Company looking forward to serve your esteemed organization.

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If you really want to increase your sales you just need to magnify your products or services visibility in your target business area. You must be very clear about various ways to reach your end customers. Give us a call or contact our SEO Consultants today!

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Rebecca Ortiz

2 minutes ago

Thanks to the author for such a useful article. It is really important for me to be informed about Google updates.

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Pankaj Verma

2 minutes ago

Thank you!

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