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Imagine if you could hire Best SEO Project Manager with just a click of mouse and see instant boost in website traffic.

Or even better:

What if you had dedicated SEO Managers...

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You'd probably be pumped to read about them.

Luckily for you, that's exactly what I'm going to share with you in this post:

91 Seconds brief & full version (Video) with transcript of techniques which we follow that you can use to boost your website traffic Today!

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Brief Video Version

Pankaj Verma SEO Consultants India
SEO Project Manager India

Video Transcription

Hi, I am Pankaj Verma, SEO Project Manager at GANPATI ZONE We are pioneers in search engine optimization & specialize in Google optimization. We give your business online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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Pankaj Verma, SEO Project Manager at Ganpati Zone with Mahashay Dharam Pal Gulati, (*Padma Bhushan Award Recipient 2019 ) Chairman of MDH Spice Company | *The Padma Bhushan is the third-highest civilian award in the Republic of India.

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How we do that?
We follow the latest algorithm of Google and various social media platforms. We help you in PPC Paid listings plus along with this we help to give your business online presence through organic search results. So basically we create a balance the paid search listings and the organic listings and for each business the strategy of our work differs.

Certified SEO Project Manager Pankaj Verma - MBA Convocation AIMA New Delhi India
Mr.Pankaj Verma Certified SEO Project Manager - MBA Convocation AIMA New Delhi India

All India Management Association (AIMA)

AIMA is national apex body of the management profession in India.

It is a non-profit, professional Association deemed by the Government of India as a national apex body for the promotion of scientific management to pool management thoughts to develop national managerial ethos and facilitate furtherance of the profession and its contribution to society.

AIMA is a member of the Asian Association of Management Organisation (AAMO) and the World Council of Management (CIOS)

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But there's a catch.
For example, If you are having a hotel and you want to do online marketing for your hotel business, the strategy will be different or if you are having a store which sells garments, the strategy off course will be different. We have to think where you want to sell those particular products. Our team do a lot of research and development and sit with your marketing team. So that we can filter the process and get the best out of your marketing budget for the online marketing process. And how we do that. You are having a website, so when someone goes to your website the website downloads on the particular device, on mobile device or desktop.

Here's the deal:
So as per the Google policy the size of the page has some limits and we have to follow various guidelines by the Google. And if the page is according to the guidelines the page size and various java scripts, css files and the images if all are optimized correctly the page will download within seconds. Definitely the site will load fast it helps in more conversions. If your website is having more content but if it is not optimized correctly so definitely no one likes to wait when you are searching something in the Google search and if the site is not opening fast you move around to some other website.

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The best part?
So basically we are providing you the SPEED SEO. Which optimizes your website, scripts, java scripts so that your page loads as fast as it can. Google's First Indexing for the mobile device all the website who follow the their guidelines will be ranked definitely on the top of Google searches.

SEO Project Manager India

How can you actually use this?
Other services which we provide are the backlinks, content writing by our script writers over here in India and USA. So basically these are the stuff which needs to be taken care. These are simple processes but done in a complicated way to defeat the algorithm of Google.

What's the real story?
Google changes its algorithm very frequently and our team is in touch with all these types of process. We are like the SEO doctors of online marketing and we know what type of online marketing process we have to provide you to increase your business. And once your business increase you will near leave us and it will be a regular business between your company and GANPATI ZONE.

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SEO PROJECT MANAGER Designation Company Country Location
SEO Project Manager from India SEO Project Manager Ganpati Zone India Gurgaon, Gurugram, Haryana
Play Audio Greetings USA Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California


How to find Best SEO PROJECT MANAGER from India MBA Certified?

SEO Manager summary. Pankaj Verma SEO Project Manager India provides SEO Management in India. Search to recruit best SEO Managers in Gurgaon Gurugram near Delhi. How to select dedicated SEO Manager appoint to enrol? Choose engage employ hire & interview. For American SEO Project Managers in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California, United States of America Call USA: +1 (661) 553-0393 or Indian SEO Project Managers dial India +91 9811731099 or +91 8383026475. Your search to recruit select appoint enrol choose engage employ hire & interview SEO PROJECT MANAGER ends here. Get contact details of SEO PROJECT MANAGER Today!

How to find SEO Manager in Gurgaon Gurugram Haryana India?

Pankaj Verma, SEO Project Manager India & SEO Consultant India provides SEO management services from India & USA.

How to find SEO PROJECT MANAGER in India?

Your search to recruit select appoint enrol choose engage employ hire & interview SEO PROJECT MANAGER ends here. Get contact details of SEO PROJECT MANAGER Today!

How to contact the best SEO PROJECT MANAGER?

For American SEO Managers in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California, United States of America Call: +1 (661) 553-0393 or For Indian SEO Managers dial +91 9811731099 or +91 8383026475

How to find search recruit select appoint enrol choose engage employ hire & interview SEO PROJECT MANAGER?

Please share your requirements and we will arrange online appointment with the best suitable SEO PROJECT MANAGER according to your industry. Contact us Today!

How to Hire Managers of SEO?

Please give us a call and describe your organization goals and our experts will deliver a personalized SEO Plan for your company.

How to optimize website with management of SEO?

Management of SEO is a regular process to optimize any website. SEO management should only be done via experienced SEO Professionals and we at GANPATI ZONE provide you a dedicated SEO Project Manager for your SEO Project.

How to Hire Manager of SEO?

SEO Manager job description & SEO Manager meaning. SEO Manager full form is Search Engine Optimization Manager. At GANPATI ZONE we recruit the best SEO talent in the industry. So when you hire SEO Managers for your SEO Projects you can be sure that you will get quality SEO Services & digital marketing manager salary in india is at very competitive SEO pricing. Your Manager of Search Engine Optimization will do full analysis of your website and connect with your team to refine the SEO process for maximum online presence.

How to find the best SEO Manager for management of Search Engine Optimization?

Future scope of SEO - Only online SEO Professionals can get you desired results as they are aware of the latest SEO algorithm and know what should not be done which can harm your website or get your website banned in Google search results. So its always better to be safe than sorry. What mistake many business owners do for management of Search Engine Optimisation is that they look for cheap SEO services which has sometimes disaster effects.

What qualities should managers of Search Engine Optimization have?

SEO project management plan. Managers of Search Engine Optimization Services should these qualities. Aware of latest Google & other search engines updates.Should be able to bring the experience from other projects and provide personalized SEO campaign for your organization. As each business is different and so is the online marketing process.Analyze your website, keyword phrases before the actual start of the SEO Project. By 2020 majority of web searches will be dominated by the voice search. So make voice optimization along with Schema and structured snippets a priority before you hire your SEO Project Manager. Contact Manager of Search Engine Optimisation Today!

How to hire managers of Search Engine Optimisation at GANPATI ZONE?

For optimization of your website contact Manager Search Engine Optimization. At Ganpati Zone SEO project manager salary/ SEO executive salary is not fixed and is according to your project scope and nature. Get your projects done according to SEO salary in India. Simple, fill contact form, email or call us today!

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SEO Project Manager India

That's not all...
Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We are at your service always. Our SEO Consultants works 24 hours providing our SEO services to International clients. We are very eager to serve your esteemed organization. Have a great day!
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